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No notebook? No problem...

It's may 2016. Paris, rue La Fayette. A stroll down this very long street in the 10th arrondissement made many times with my camera and no notebook. I thought, why don't I write a story?

rue lafayette, Paris, France © Katrina Wood, 2016

Okay, so I saw an interesting sort of business or two. Great. A business story? Something different. Why not. I stop outside one. The owner was standing outside his shop. On spur of moment, I decided to ask him if I could take a photo, as I was travelling in Paris, and was a freelance writer.

Okay, yes, he said. Oui.

So I did. I even asked him a bit about what he did. Took about ten minutes. I was sure, I'd remember it. I continued on my stroll down rue lafayette. A stroll I took many times.

I never saw an opportunity to publish it. Now, six years later.. I found the photo. Can I write about his business?

Not a chance. I didn't take any notes.

I can't even remember what it was. But it was the owner or retailer of a small business on this street. Petrol, seems to be the theme, judging from what look like petrol stands in front of the store.

A business owner stands in front of a store in paris, in 2016, on rue lafayette. © Katrina Wood

A business storefront in paris, in 2016, on rue lafayette. © Katrina Wood

Forgot the notebook
And why did I not make notes? I thought I'd remember it. Such confidence I had. But I underestimated the number of travel experiences a person can have and how fast the details can be lost if not written down. In my over-confidence that I would remember it, I didn't write anything at all. Now, in looking back, I remember it and regret my arrogance.

Six years later I am supposed to remember it. No chance.

I continued my walk down rue lafayette, a long street running for many kilometers, that intersects with so many others, from near major intercity train stations at one place to upmarket stores and galleries at the other. I saw lots of other things on this summer's day in 2016. But, I wish I'd taken a pen and paper, or some electronic note-taking device.

Travel is an unpredictable business, and so is recording it with visual media, on the hop, with no notebook.

by Katrina Wood

Photos taken 2016
Story written 2022.

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